Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is a toner really necessary? Do you use one?

Toner or astringent?Is a toner really necessary? Do you use one?
I perfer toner.

Seriously, if it drys out your face, makes it oily causes you to break out or any bad stuff your just using the wrong one. The one you used wasn't the right type for you(dry/oily/combo-skin).

Because toner is supposed to moisturize your face, tightens pores and some other things.But basically just supposed to balance the ph levels of your skin.

I have combination skin, meaning i had an oily ';T-zone';(forehead, nose, chin), and dry cheeks. And my mom bought me some toner because my confidences was pretty low.

Anyways once i started using it i noticed that my t-zone wasn't so oily, nor where my cheeks dry. So my skin went to normal. I was so happy, because it helped clear up my face(mainly forehead).

so suggest you get a toner, for oily skin. Or one for all skin types. And it's important to moisturize after you use toner.Is a toner really necessary? Do you use one?
is not necessary it you have normal to dry skin just use it if you have acne prone skin or very oily skin I don't use a toner but when i had acne I use it everyday my skin it helps to tone done oiliness dry out pimples I suggest to try witch hazel toner is goood use thayers one alcohol free you find it on
No, it isn't.

It can honestly just make your skin worse.

However, if you WANT to use one, it's fine.

I've found that toners just break me out more or dry my skin out.

The only needed items are cleansers, exfoliators, masks and moisturizers.
i use witch hazel. its really good

it has a drying effect though so be sure to moisturize afterwards.

and dont use garnier pore refining astringent it hurts and makes skin red and patchy
toners aren't necessary. sometimes...your cleanser has toning benefits already.
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