Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best toner for sensitive/combination skin?

i'm not sensitive to perfumed products. i'm sensitive towards ingredients that contains any sort of oil such as caster oil, etc.Best toner for sensitive/combination skin?
gets a bit complicated when you're allergic on petro-chemicals...

you should go to a bio-cosmetics shop, or a pharmacy.

they sell stuff that is without oil derivatives.

try some toner from rose water, hammamelis, mint, or chamomile. they are all cleaning and astringent.Best toner for sensitive/combination skin?
nivea youngs freshen up toner is pretty good....although for sensitive skin dermologica is the best skin range offering from cleansers to mud masks.....the best skin range ever...
Dear You,

maybe estee' lauder has a healthy toner, maybe not.
rose water

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