Saturday, December 26, 2009

How long should i leave the toner in???10 points!?

i bleached my hair about 4 times and now its blonde at roots and light light orange everywhere putting light blonde toner with 40 volume in . how long should i leave it in? it doesnt say on any of the bottles. its blue so i cant tell when my hairs getting lighter. its burning and itching.How long should i leave the toner in???10 points!?
The burning and itching is normal so don't worry. Usually 15 mins will do the job. The longer you leave it on, the more the color will deposit, and the darker it will be.How long should i leave the toner in???10 points!?
first forty volume is a big no no if your using on the scalp second if u would use a violet based bleach or toner it would get rid if a lot of the orange i would suggest using a violet bleach or high lift and that should bring it to pale yellow the tone it but if you must do it with the forty no more than 15 min and be ready for chemical burns
i was told 20-45 minutes but no longer. i did my sister hair, and we had to bleach it out twice to get it to be light enough to even do the toner. so your hair may still not come out how you like if it wasnt like yellow blond or at least all one color or orangy.
Definitely not too long,

probably 20-30 minutes tops,

you might burn your scalp.

%26amp;you could be damaging your hair really badly.
4 times
15,or something. Dont leave on for so long.
20mins tops

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