Monday, December 21, 2009

Good toner for acne prone skin?

I have pretty bad acne on my cheeks and mouth/chin area. I have oily skin, so i want a toner or moisturizer that will keep my face free of excess oil throughout the day. I was thinking of getting the Neutrogena oil-eliminating astringent, but is this a good toner to prevent shine all day? If not, what products do you suggest?

ThanksGood toner for acne prone skin?
thayers witch hazel toner works great it helps to tone down oily skin plus it helps acne prone skin it relief redness very soothing to the skin you find it at or thayers.comGood toner for acne prone skin?
What you need to do is retrain your skin so it wont produce as much oil.

Wash with a three or two step system that does not have acid in it{found in acne face wash}. I.e. a regular face wash. And after that use a toner and after that a moisturizer. Or just wash and moisturize. Do that two times a day Morning and Night. Also tanning in tanning beds will help a lot with acne. Make sure you put your face lotion on before and after. Also don't forget about the rest of your body.

I like mary kay but that's just me.
use the clinique 3-step kit.. (number 2 is for oily skin)

this is what i use.

hope this helped!
noxema is simple and easy!

and it works!

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