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What does Facial toner do?

i heard it minimizes pores and takes away dead, flaky skin cells. is that true? because whenever i put on makeup it always flakes cuz i have lots of flaky skin and exfloiate like 2 + times a week and moisterize my skin 2 times a day.

would toner get rid of the dead flaky skin and shrink my pores? if not, what does toner do?

whats a good toner i could get from target, that wont dry out my skin too much? is the Clean %26amp; clear ones good?

thanks! most detail get 10 pointsWhat does Facial toner do?
In general, toner prepares your skin for moisturizing. Certain toners offer more specific things. Some are moisturizing, others contain acne treatments, etc. The best toner you could buy at Target would be Boots #7 Soft and Soothe, Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, . Obviously your skin isn't getting enough moisture. You may want to look into switching to a different moisturizer for the rest of the winter.What does Facial toner do?
Well you have a lot going on and I think you have your skin care regiment all mixed up! First of all you should use a very mild cleanser to wash....than use a toner to lift any dirt or make-up left on your skin. A toner lifts up impurities the cleanser releases from the face. Use Witch-Hazel to tone skin. Its all natural and does close pores and restores the PH balance of your skin. You can find Witch-Hazel at a drug store or Health food store. Its very inexpensive as well. You should use a very mild scrub....1 X a week only!!!! Over exfoliating your skin will dry your skin and youll get flaky skin! Moisterize 1 x a day....before appling make-up. Dry skin is a sign of harsh products! If your moisterizer doesnt disapear into your skin.... it ill not work! Many over the counter moisterizers sit on the top of the skin and dont work. A good line is called KISS MY FACE at every drug store or health store. Use produts sparingly and always tone after cleansing!!
Toner is supposed to even out your skin tone. I've tried neutragena pore refining toner ($6) and another Japanese brand DHC toner ($32) and this is what I noticed. the neutragena one just seems to have a lot of alcohol in it so it would dry out your skin more. The DHC was very gentle and did GREAT with the flakes from my face. I know you don't want to spend $30+ on a toner so if you go to target I'd look for one without alcohol.
Removes makeup, minimizes pores, cleans

away dirt.

I use:鈥?/a>

Use a daily face scrub like:鈥?/a>

Then use toner, then use a face moisturizer.

Clean %26amp; Clear toner sucks.
It removes leftover makeup and dirt/ oil, tightens pores, helps with acne, and prevents new acne blemish from happening.

I LOVE Biore Toner. Its called Triple Action Astringent.

it smells good, not too drying and is refreshing.

I used clean and clear toner. I tried it twice ( 1.5 bottles used In 2008) Its too drying for my skin. Even when i used the sensitive skin formula, it still left my skin flaky. I used it when i was younger like in the 7th grade and i liked it so i figured i would try it again ,but it gave me the above results.

Biore is like 7 dollars and you need cotton puffs/balls or pads to use it. It contains Salicylic Acid which helps with acne. But its only 2% Salicylic Acid so its far from drying.

I use it twice a day, morning and night. It definetly works and does its job. I hate not using it.

Your Skin might be flaky cause its not getting enough moisture. ive started using Cetaphil Moisturizer and i really like it. I use it after my toner twicer a day. Clean and Clear Oil Free Advantage one is also pretty good. I wash my face with neutrogena products or biore.

I exfoliate twice a week with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub. If i do it anymore my skin gets dry and flaky. I do a mask once a week just to keep oil under control. I use Neutrogena Clear Pore (its also a cleanser) This isn't really necessary if you dont have oily skin or anything.

So basically I Cleanse- Toner- Moisturize. Once a week mask. once a week scrub.

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