Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does the biore toner work?...if so what does it do?

I tried it and I saw very little change in my skin at all, if any. It didn't do anything bad, but it did nothing good. I wouldn't recommend it.

Most cleansers today are pH balanced anyways, which takes the place of a toner. If you still like the occasional toner (like me) then I recommend Lush' line of toners. They seem to get the most done of any I've tried.鈥?/a>

Anyways, good luck, since it's hard to find a toner that suits you well.Does the biore toner work?...if so what does it do?
the function of toner is for pole minimising as well as moisturise the skin. A good toner should not have preservative or any chemical elements in it. For me, the toner i use has non of such.

I dun know about biore but if you can get simple brand toner, which has no chemical, perfume and preservative in it. It's really good, cos i currently using it.

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