Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is a toner (for your hair) and what does it do?

my hairdresser put in some 'toner' after she washed out the colour (new streaks) in my hair.

what is toner and what does it do?What is a toner (for your hair) and what does it do?
a toner is another coat of hair color that is not going to make your hair any lighter or darker is just going to fix the color.

For instance, if you have dark hair and you lighten it, it tends to look yellow-ish, so, to fix that, many professionals will try the opposite tone in the color chart: violet to kill the yellow and make it look more neutral.

When you put a toner on your hair it is a chemical process as well, but it is not as damaging as bleaching. You can think of it as a regular hair dye.

I hope this info helps!!What is a toner (for your hair) and what does it do?
toner is a ';dye'; of sorts which counteracts a tone in your hair with it's opposite

The most common example is when you get your hair bleached. And the end result, try as you might, is really brassy

They use a toner with blueish tones in them to counter the orangey brassy color, and it comes out whiter. you want them to use the toner, trust me.
Did you get blonde highlights?

A toner helps get rid of the brassy colour which can appear when hair is bleached.

It ';tones'; the colour to a more natural shade, leaving the colour looking more naturally blonde (more white) than brassy and copper.
It toned the blonde to make it less brassy or orange.
Makes it less yellow looking if you got blonde.

makes it whiter rathen than cartoonish blonde lol

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