Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is exactly hair toner?

I decided to dye my hair blue black but mum wouldn't let me because she said white hair will start to grow because of dying your hair. But a friend of mine told me to use toner, because it won't do anything bad. What is it exactly and in which ways is it different form hair dye?

Thanks :)What is exactly hair toner?
toner is like a temporary dye. It alters the base of your hair color.

example: if your hair has a lot of red in it and you use a green based toner it will toned down the red, blue will tone down orange tones, and purple or violet will tone down the yellow.What is exactly hair toner?
your hair wont grow out white thats ridiculous. wen you die your hair it only affects the hair you have at that moment, thats why you get regrowth

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