Monday, December 21, 2009

Does the use of face toner result in aging?

Depends. Use one that is correct for your skin type-oily, combo, dry or sensetive. If you use one that is wrong for you then you get the too tight skin feeling. A good toner will not give you that over dry sensation. I would either go to a salon or a place like Origins or the Body Shop and have them evaluate your skin. Don't just buy a toner from the drug store.Does the use of face toner result in aging?
If the toner contains Alcohol, then yes... alcohol is a drying agent. Try to buy one without it....Does the use of face toner result in aging?
No that I have heard, age and other factors cause aging..
Nope, but I think I can trace where the concern began. Some toners are made with hydroquinone in Asia (where I live), and it can peel off and burn skin, resulting in the user looking 10-20 years older.

I also know some weirdos who don't use soap and water, and only use toners. That damages the skin because toner is not enough to remove dirt; accumulated dirt causes skin to age rapidly.,..and it's just gross!

Toners should be used in tandem with other items in a cleansing routine: water, facial wash, moisturizers. Also its excessive use can strip skin of its natural oils, without which facial skin ages rapidly.
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