Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blonde hair with toner shampoo?

Hi, I have dyed my hair blonde, well bleached it really. I have gone out and bought some of that blue/violet shampoo and conditioner toner. Does anyone know if this stuff accualy works, and if so how long does it take before you start to notice? THANKS!Blonde hair with toner shampoo?
No hon, that isn't what they're for. They are meant to offset the brassiness in your hair, not to tone it permanently.

I don't know anyone who keeps their hair in the raw bleached color, most people will apply a light blonde toner (which is semi permanent COLOR, not shampoos or conditioners). You can message me if you like and I can explain it a bit better, because I'd need a pic to recommend what to get. But otherwise, think about going to a salon and getting a stylist to apply a semi to your hair to even out the color.

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