Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ink & Toner business misrepresentation - what are my rights?

The company I work with acquired another printer from one of our locations that closed. I recently placed an order for toner from the company that we have a service/toner contract with. A couple of days later I get a call from someone saying they're with ';Inventory Control Center'; verifying my order that I placed for toner. I assume that this was the company I have the contract with since I did not call this 2nd party. I receive toner several days later from ';Inventory Control Center'; with an invoice (which I shouldn't be receiving since we have a contract with the other company) - so this is my tip off that this company has misrepresented themeselves. I called them and left two messages but with no return call. I returned the package they sent and they refused it. I spoke to someone in their accounting dept. and the girl I spoke to said she'd have to get with someone in shipping to send out a call tag (for pickup) but that there's a restocking fee. I find this unacceptable.Ink %26amp; Toner business misrepresentation - what are my rights?
Oooh...that scam has been running for many years....I'm really not sure what you can do about it now....if you have a service agreement with a compnay, they won't call you - you must call them to place an order. Always verify what company is calling you. As soon as they know you're onto them, they hang up immediately. I would say don't pay the bill....I think you need more legal advice than I can give you. Perhaps if you didn't use a call tag, and just shipped it back at your expense with a letter explaining that the package should've been refused when it came in...good luck on that.

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