Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whats a toner and its importance?

I use the Arbonne Intelligence Daily Balancer and love it.

This non-drying, everyday balancer is formulated to effectively remove final traces of cleanser by constricting pores for better appearance, without drying or upsetting the skin's essential moisture barrier.Whats a toner and its importance?
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http://geebal.blogspot.comWhats a toner and its importance?
It purifies the skin pores. Use the ones that do not contain any alcohol.
It does exactly what it's called, It tones your skin! Some toners also clean dirt and oil off your skin too!
A toner is used after you wash your face and use an astringent. The toner puts your skin back to its proper PH balance. There is no real importance to a toner as your skin goes back to its PH balance anyway. Use a mild soap like Noxema to deeply clean your pores, use an astringent after that, then a moisturizer. That's all you need.
it deep clens the pores of skin. gives life to skin.
it covers the pores on your face. preventing blackheads from forming.

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