Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What does hair toner look like?

can anyone show me any images of what hair toner bottles look like?

because ive been into boots, superdrug and all the chemists and asked for it and none of them said they sold any

and the hairdressers dont either

people keep saying you can buy hair toner from virtually anywhere!

its confusing!

(i need a hair toner for getting rid of the brassy yellowy tones in my hair)What does hair toner look like?
Ok I'm pretty sure I told you what to do about this already, but here goes again:

Before anything else, try using a violet based shampoo....Clairol Simmerlights or Aveda Blue Malva...Framesi Ultra Violet. Start at your roots and work down to your ends...leave it on about 3-5 minutes. That will help neutralize the yellow.

Also, if you still need to tone...I would probably use a light blond toner or the lightest ash you can find (you can use a semi-permanent deposit only color to tone). And be careful about going too ash-toned, as bleached hair is very porous and can end up looking muddy or gray.What does hair toner look like?
toner is a semi or demi perminant hair color. when you get it make sure it is ashy or it wont get rid of tthe brassyness. dont leave it on more than like 10-15 minutes either. a beauty supply store would usually be able to help you
I recently got highlights in my hair and they came out brassy and I bought a violet based shampoo its called shimmer lights I used it once and it really took alot of the brassy and gold tones out of my hair. U can find this at any beauty supply stores I bought mine at sallys and it was 8 dollars it works really good and u dont have to put any chemicals in ur hair. Hope I was able to help u out.
ok have you tried shimmering light shampoo???? if not sally;s beauty supply sell borne blonde toner and also miss clairol toner. i buy it there.
Toner is that stuff grannies use as blue rinse or pink when they have it set. I think Decore discontinued their magic silver white purple stuff but try looking for brilliant silver white and if you cant find it anywhere you'll be able to find it where they sell coat enhancer products for show ponies. No joke and same deal.
You should go to your local beauty supplies and ask them to give you the toner for the hair color you want to achieve. Toner is kinda like a dye.

Good Luck

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