Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using toner after bleaching black hair?

In a couple weeks I'm going to bleach sections of my dyed black hair so that I can add a bright color (Special Effects dye). I've never bleached my hair but I've read that bleaching dyed black hair can result in an orange, muddy color but then one of my friends said it might result in a dark yellow.

I do not want to bleach my hair twice to get it really light so I thought a toner may help just to take out some of the brassiness of the color (one of the colors I want to put in my hair is lime green and I don't think it would look good if I put it on the dark yellow bleached hair).

I've heard there are two types of toner, a lilac based one and a blue based one--the lilac for yellowy tones and the blue for orange-y tones. As I don't know exactly how the bleach will work is there any way to ';foreshadow'; in a sense which toner would work better for my dyed black hair? Should I just assume that it's going to end up dark, muddy, yellowy orange? What would you suggest?Using toner after bleaching black hair?
You will end up with orange not yellow. Go with the blue toner. Using toner after bleaching black hair?
Please be careful.... You have dyed black hair and using bleach to remove it is going to stress out your hair too much. I use a product called COLOR EXTRACTOR from a company called PRAVANA and then they also have special effect colors they call them VIVIDS. If you can find a salon that uses that product I think you will be very happy. Good luck I put the URLS down so you can read about them yourself.

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