Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adding purple toner to bleach?

i have bleached hair already on top and its at that platnuim colour and healthy :) :P i have dark brown hair underneath dyed/natural and i want to gradually go all blonde..

so my question is..

if i add purple toner to the bleach and then apply will that help with the brassiness?

yes i kno its going to go that ferral colour iv already done the top of my head remember!?

so thats my question.Adding purple toner to bleach?
Adding a Toner to a bleach mixture yourself can result in REDUCED BLEACHING / POOR TONING / HAIR BREAKAGE and many other problems. Use a product with a toning agent (bluing) built-in. There are special products you can add to the bleach mixture at the beauty supply. HOWEVER, the best way to handle ';Brassiness'; is to use a Silver/Platinum Toner mix after bleaching.Adding purple toner to bleach?
Bleach first then tone!

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